Thursday 18 January 2018

Middle Years Maelstrom (Destructive Force of Events)

In our Disneyfied view of the world where has the happy ever after gone?
Finding Happiness can seem to be dream too far when our life, our security purpose and meaning seem to be falling apart. We have survived the challenges of growing up, achieved some maybe a lot of success in our careers and found someone to love and to have children.
Now we are in our middle years when for many, life begins to fall apart. Failing health, relationships and careers present themselves as challenges that most people are wholly unprepared for. In our Disneyfied view of the world where has the happy ever after gone? We are at risk of being overwhelmed by the chaos shown on the news and that together with our own foundations of life being shaken our future can look bleak with depression setting in with a feeling of hopelessness.
There is a real alternative when we accept that change will happen and that we can’t control that much of it. What we can do is change our perspective and take responsibility for our own wellbeing, our own happiness, adapt and to find new opportunities but how?
The How is a big problem as most people have never had to give a great deal of thought to their lives. They have lived within a process of education, career and family and suddenly they often find themselves alone with no obvious direction. Now in middle years many people need to seek new meaning in their work and relationships. There is a real fear of change and that of feeling very alone.
One solution is to work with a Life Coach who can help you establish a pathway to your future. Guiding and supporting you to achieve new ways of thinking that in turn enable you to create a New Life not re-invent the old that in many ways is no longer fit for purpose.
As a life coach I help people better understand their emotional as well as practical challenges. This together with a plan developed between us I support and enable those willing to take on new challenges to find new purpose and meaning in their life. For those who choose not to accept their reality and move forward they are destined to a life of disappointment and sadness. Missing the opportunity of happiness is just too great a loss and unnecessary when futures can be so fulfilling and exciting.
Ian Marshall
January 2018

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