Thursday 16 May 2019

Hope and the Meaning of Mejma®

Hope and the Meaning of Mejma®

When faced with a significant change in our life it can bring with it feelings of unease from panic to excitement depending how we see our world. Surviving illness, failed relationships, career crisis, changes in family can lead to us giving up but with support and guidance the loss of motivation and direction can be overcome. 

Our character, life experience and the reality of current situation all play a part in our approach to moving forward sometimes being overwhelmed or motivated to take rash decisions that we may later regret.

There is also an increasing awareness of mental health with stress, anxiety and depression been talked about together with ideas on how to overcome these feelings that are real and affecting our health and well-being. These issues need to be explored but I fear that too often quick fix, sticking plaster solutions are what people seek rather than to face their reality and find meaningful and realistic futures.

My approach is to help people find “a future you really want”. This demands time to reflect on “where you are today” and then to explore what “you want to achieve”. Only then can we move forward and that where my Mejma® model helps you.

Your purpose, dreams, your life goals must be  MEJMA®

Meaningful – having real importance and purpose
Emotional – creating the feelings that support beliefs and values
Justifiable – the investment in time and effort reflects the benefit
Motivational – the driver to take action
Altruistic – a concern for the welfare of others

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